Happy Healthy Family Campaign

Happy Healthy Family Campaign
Happy Healthy Family Campaign

Happy Healthy Family Campaign

Happy Healthy Family Campaign
Happy Healthy Family Campaign

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Foundation Characteristics of a Good Leader

A good leader must have the following characteristics to lead the local community and nation:-

1. Visionary (possess a universal outlook on life with universal spiritual values to serve for greater good without prejudice or any slightest room for selfishness).

2. Passionate about their work.

3. Good Family Upbringing.

4. Organized.

5. Tolerant, Calm, Steadfast to the Mission.

6. Dedication and Commitment to Excellence.

Manufacturing Higher Quality Products

When a management take steps to improve or increase the quality in manufacturing this can result in decrease in waste, better quality products, and an overall customer satisfaction.

Area to improve product quality
* Features
* User Friendliness
* Installation Friendliness
* Reliability
* Maintainability
* Safety
* Strength

List of Companies

What Industry Do You “Belong” To?

* Agriculture
* Apparel
* Automobiles & Motorcycles
* Business Services
* Chemicals
* Computer Hardware & Software
* Construction & Real Estate
* Consumer Electronics
* Electrical Equipment & Supplies
* Electronic Components & Supplies
* Energy
* Environment
* Excess Inventory
* Fashion Accessories
* Food & Beverage
* Furniture & Furnishings
* General Industrial Equipment
* General Mechanical Components
* Gifts & Crafts
* Hardware
* Health & Medical
* Home & Garden
* Home Appliances
* Lights & Lighting
* Luggage, Bags & Cases
* Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
* Measurement & Analysis Instruments
* Minerals & Metallurgy
* Office & School Supplies
* Packaging & Paper
* Personal Care
* Printing & Publishing
* Pulp & Paper Agent
* Rubber & Plastics
* Security & Protection
* Service Equipment
* Shoes & Accessories
* Sports & Entertainment
* Telecommunications
* Textiles & Leather Products
* Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear
* Tools
* Toys
* Transportationlours

Pilihanraya Malaysia

Are you looking for a complete list of Parliamentary constituencies and the state assembly districts in Malaysia?

There are currently in total 222 national and 576 state electorates in Malaysia.

Early preparation is needed

The general election is usually held every 5 years.
The election in Malaysia overall is carried out at two levels - national level and state level. Accordingly, during the general election, every voter would be given two sheets of ballot papers; one for the Parliamentary constituency and the other for State Legislative Assembly constituency.

There are symbols printed on each ballot paper, representing the contesting candidates (party) and the space for the voter to indicate his / her choice.
Each voter would need to mark ‘X’ in the space provided against the symbol representing the candidate of the voter’s choice.
After the closing hour for balloting, the ballot papers are then put into separate ballot boxes for the Parliamentary constituency and the State Legislative Constituency.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Malaysia Pilihanraya 2012 or 2013?


IS IT JUNE 2012, SEPTEMBER 2012, MARCH 2013?